HR Foundations

Where we see the challenge

At a certain point, every growing company starts to feel the need for “people help”. Whether this centers around HR admin or around functional help with performance reviews or hiring, CEOs know their time is best spent on other things.

How we think it should be

We feel CEOs should focus on what matters most: running the business. With part or fulltime help, the pressure on precious calendar time declines while things still get done correctly. At the same time other “people opportunities” should be mined.

How we’ve helped others

We’ve supported companies in different parts of their growth with everything from admin over workshops and policies to growing internal employees to lead the department. Whether it’s a fixed day a week or a project, we look at what works for you.

How technology can help

To ensure everything runs smoothly we can introduce tools and technology where appropriate to centralize or automate certain parts of the work or people processes. We like saving time and costs. Needless to say all of this should fit into your strategy.