HR Intelligence

Where we see the challenge

Companies, even SMEs, sit on a ton of data that can transform the way they think about talent, reward, diversity, performance, etc. With more visible fires to put out, urgency around this topic is low and the lack of initiative will come back to haunt many.

How we think it should be

The time is now to get your data ducks in a row, no matter how scattered it is or which tools you are currently using. This will allow you to build, validate, and increasingly support (people) strategies and decisions before it becomes a prerequisite.

How we’ve helped others

We help companies in all stages of the data journey of collection, integration, reporting, dashboarding, and predictive analytics. We build true partnerships so the work of today gets done while the questions of tomorrow are researched and get answered.

How technology can help

Often technology is not required to get started, but will make the work a lot easier and turn a simple data project into a long-term capability and competitive advantage. Especially when talking about integration, dashboards, (predictive) analysis, etc.